The Epitome of Perfect Days

Throughout November to December in Jakarta, the temperature rises to uncomfortable heights. The air hangs heavy with humidity, creating a stifling atmosphere that challenges the senses. The absence of rainfall, which is typically expected during this time, adds to the peculiarity of the situation. 

I find myself longing for the familiar patter of raindrops, the rhythmic symphony that brings relief and rejuvenation to both the earth and its inhabitants.


I miss those days when the air turns crisp, and a gentle rain graces the afternoon. Finding solace in those moments, I’ll stand on the porch or sit by the window, listening to the wind that blows softly and rustling tree branches and leaves, resulting a soothing, static-like sound that resonates with my soul.


As Thoreau once said, raindrops are the bravest of all warriors; they fall with great courage and rise with greater strength. As they touch the earth's surface, they replenish and revive, breathing life into the parched land. And just as raindrops ascend back into the atmosphere, gathering strength and momentum, so too does the human spirit when faced with challenges. 

Rainy days calm the weary soul, and it is, indeed, the finest day of all. 

Bandung, December 2, 2023


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