Are Those Alternative, Arthouse Cinema Films Worth Watching?

So a few friends have been asking me about the alternative, arthouse cinema films I mentioned last weekend on my Insta. Some of them are Swallow (2019), Martin Eden (2019), Aftersun (2022), and Close (2022). 

Are they worth watching? And what ratings would I give to each of them?

My response to such questions is always the same. First off, I never really give ratings to the films I watch, esp for arthouse cinema films. Secondly, I know for sure that festival films can be boring for some viewers.

Not a 'one size fits all'

When it comes to alternative, independent, and arthouse cinema films, they tend to have a distinct flavor compared to mainstream Hollywood flicks. They often prioritize artistic expression, unique storytelling techniques, and delve into thought-provoking themes. While some people find them captivating and intellectually stimulating, others may find them slow-paced or challenging to follow.

I'm not a pro film critic or anything, but from my experience as a lifestyle editor, I would say that arthouse cinema films are all about evoking emotions, sparking discussions, and pushing boundaries. They're not just about entertainment. It's mainly about the experience and how they impact you as a viewer. That's why I prefer using descriptive words to capture the essence and quality of the film instead of relying on a rating system.

Whatever floats your fancy

Of course, it's important to consider personal preferences and circumstances. If you're looking for a casual movie night to unwind after a long day, you might opt for lighter films that require less mental investment. 

Arthouse cinema films often demand more attention, patience, and an openness to different storytelling approaches. So, it's advisable to watch them when you have the time and mental space to fully engage with the movie.

Closing thought

So, to sum it up, whether you're into arthouse cinema films or not really comes down to your personal taste, curiosity, and how open you are to exploring different cinematic experiences. They can be a breath of fresh air compared to mainstream stuff and give you a real insight into diverse cultures and perspectives. Just keep in mind, approach them with an open mind, and be ready for a wild and unique viewing adventure. Cheers!


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